Castelnuovo Calcea (AT)
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How we do

Our PromiseJust the ingredients you're familiar with.

Riolfi products are the result of family recipes that have been passed on for 3 generations, based on the highest quality natural ingredients.

Our products are artisanal. It has always remained and we want to remain our distinctive element. We only use selected raw materials and Riolfi products are made to maintain the consistency of vegetables, flavours and fragrances without artificial additives and preservatives.

Our secret is passion

How we doArtisanal and sustainable products

We continue to procure fruit and vegetables from selected suppliers and we use the same process that our grandparents used, even though today it is done at high production. Riolfi Sapori can be found in Castelnuovo Calcea, in the province of Asti. All the processes are done here.

The raw materials are collected and then prepared by us for storage. We make sure every jar is full of delicious flavor and scents. We keep as we used to, only the essential ingredients or at most a bit of vinegar if necessary.

lavorazione dei peperoncini

Our valuesBehind all the products
the same authenticity as in the old days

Four main points lay the foundations of our philosophy: sustainability, transparency, environmental awareness and naturalness. For us they are the most important values for a good and healthy diet.
Sauces, appetizers, products in oil, sauces, appetizers… all our products are prepared with the love that good gastronomy requires. Enjoy the authentic taste of Riolfi regional specialties.