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Who we are

Fratelli Riolfi

The roots of our history are family traditions.

A family company with a passion for conservation passed on over time in a world where modernity and tradition come together.

The role of the Piedmontese tradition has always been very important especially because Giorgio and Mauro Riolfi, since children, spent a lot of time at the home of grandmother Talina, in the hills of Canella. 

As usual, in the months when the vegetable was abundant, it was put away to be preserved and eaten in the following seasons. 

The only methods of preservation were natural ones such as salt and wine vinegar. Raised with these values, the Riolfi brothers, in 1985, opened a small laboratory in the center of Canelli, and began to prepare sauces and preserves in glass jars.

Artisan producers since 1985

famiglia Riolfi

Our philosophyCraftsmanship and constant research on quality

We are working products by hand one by one as we used to do.

Our raw materials come from farmers chosen, harvested and washed with care, prepared with love at every stage. Each recipe is made following tradition, with only the essential ingredients or at most a little vinegar when you need to store. Some processes are still carried out by hand, such as peppers, stuffed and put in jars by our boys as they used to. Because tradition for us is really synonymous with quality and genuineness.

We use only the essential ingredients
We use vegetables
of selected farmers
Freshness and genuineness
up to 36 months

More things about us

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